EscapeGame-Class room

EscapeGame-Class room

Atmosphere that it feels nostalgic.

Let’s escape from the public bath made with beautiful graphics.

Today is my graduation ceremony.

I was trapped in a sentiment in the classroom after the graduation ceremony, I was trapped!

I have to escape quickly!

♦ Nostalgia Gakuen Life ♦

The stage of this work is the Zubari classroom.

It faithfully reproduces that unique atmosphere.


To escape from this classroom there are a number of mysteries to solve.

Please enjoy the puzzle unique to this space.

♦ Finale of the impression ♦

There was a certain reason for being trapped in the classroom after the graduation ceremony. Please play by all means and check the ending.

♦Auto save function included♦

Game progress is preserved, so it is okay if you want to quit on the way.

Next time you can start from the point where you ended.

♦EscapeGame-Class room♦

iOS、android support!