Escape Game -Ohanami

Escape Game -Ohanami

Let’s escape from the park with beautiful graphics.

“Escape Game -Ohanami” is  included in “Escape Rooms”.

♦Escape Rooms♦

-1 hour before the date-

Today is a date with Mary to go to see cherry blossoms.

The nearby shrine is a power spot of love fulfillment, It seems to be tied if you write the names of the two on the cherry blossom ema.

OK, taking place is complete! later…Before Mary comes, let’s ask God to achieve love.


 The stage of this time is the park.


Solve a mystery

There are lots of mysteries that unique Ohanami.


There is a certain reason for being trapped..

There is a certain reason for being trapped.

Let’s enjoy playing!And check ending!

Auto save function included

Game progress is preserved, so it is okay if you want to quit on the way.

Next time you can start from the point where you ended.

Escape Game – Ohanami

android ,iOS support!

“Escape Game -Ohanami” is  included in “Escape Rooms”.

♦Escape Rooms♦