Escape Game-Child room

Escape Game-Child room

Let’s escape from the Child room with beautiful graphics.

Mom, Takeshi says “Do not come to baseball any more! Just because I called out on strike for three consecutive at bat…

Ah, then you have to look back at the ball game tournamentt next week!

Maybe I can not win even if i practice…

Practice hard!Never say die! I will not let you out of the room until you become skilful today! !

♦Child room♦

The stage of this time is the pretty Child room.


Solve a mystery

There are lots of mysteries that unique Child room!


There is a certain reason for being trapped..

There is a certain reason for being trapped.

Let’s enjoy playing!And check ending!

Auto save function included

Game progress is preserved, so it is okay if you want to quit on the way.

Next time you can start from the point where you ended.

♦Escape Game-Child room

android、iOS support!