Escape Rooms(Update type escape game application)

Escape Rooms(Update type escape game application)

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Escape game-Onsen

Escape Rooms 6th stage!My name is Takeshi Shinagawa.

I seem to have been trapped in the room in the gap I was taking a nap.

There is no doubt as a mischief of Yuri.She’s so cute.I will escape and hold her!


Escape game-Guest House

Escape Rooms 5th stage!Sigh…The trip is over at tomorrow. The sightseeing was so fun, and John of the guest house

host was also an interesting person.Last day, I will definitely enjoy!!Huh?The door will not open!



Escape game-Tokyo

Escape Rooms 4th stage!My name is Boo Boo the phantom thief.I am the best thief in the world.I caught information that there is a

legendary treasure, “Apple of gold” in this room.I managed to get inside the room, but where is the treasure?



Escape game-Child room

Escape Rooms 3rd stage!Mom, Takeshi says “Do not come to baseball any more! Ah, then you have to look back at the ball game tournament

next week!Maybe I can not win.Practice hard!Never say die! I will not let you out of the room until you become skilful today! !


Escape game-Halloween

Escape Rooms 2nd stage!Happy Halloween, Lily. In here you just can not get sweets.

You have to solve a riddle.Now, it’s the beginning of a happy Halloween!


Escape game-Temple


Escape Rooms 1st stage!… It ‘s been a while since I came to this temple.Where is Grandpa?Hey, I came!

Huh?The door will not open! !This is a grandpa’s proverb!I will escape absolutely!


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