Escape Rooms(Update type escape game application)

Escape Rooms(Update type escape game application)

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Escape game-Sky land2

Escape Rooms 29th stage!

I am the prince of this country, Boo Boo III.

We protects the mysterious kingdom “Skyland” floating in the sky from generation to generation.

Soon, my father’s generation will be over and I will protect this country.

If I read a history book hidden somewhere in this country, I can join the great king.Last time I failed, but this time I will find a history book ~


Escape game-Sky land[HARD]

Escape Rooms 28th stage!

I am the prince of this country, Boo Boo III.

We protects the mysterious kingdom “Skyland” floating in the sky from generation to generation.

Soon, my father’s generation will be over and I will protect this country.

If I read a history book hidden somewhere in this country, I can join the great king.I want to read anything! I will find a history book!


Escape game-Island

Escape Rooms 27th stage!

-3 hours ago-

Grandpa gave a cruiser today! My grandfather is amazing!

Grandson! It’s an emergency! I forgot to put fuel on the ship.An emergency landing on the island in front of you.


All adults are feeling like a holiday in this situation …I must be firm!


Escape game-Astronomy

Escape Rooms 26th stage!

My grandpa is a famous astronomer.I came to the research institute today.

According to rumors, there is a secret room here.If you look at the sky with the telescope in that room, you can see the phantom planet “BOOBOO”.

I have only seen it in the pictures ….Good! Today we will find the “BOOBOO” star!


Escape game-Farm

Escape Rooms 25th stage!

I came for a week to help Grandpa’s ranch. I’m finally getting used to work.The best treat is the three o’clock snack that Grandpa makes every day.

Grandson, today’s snack is a specially cooked hot cake for Grandpa!


… Well, where did I get the recipe?My grandson, I have a snack for you. Look for a recipe for the great secret secrets.


Escape game-Omoide

Escape Rooms 24th stage!

Okay, I’m almost finished with my luggage.I will live alone in Tokyo starting tomorrow.

Is this house also a farewell? Don’t be sad.Speaking of which, this music box.

My aunt gave me a gift when I was born.I had not listened to it since I got screwed.I want to hear it again…


Escape game-Ohanami

Escape Rooms 23rd stage!

-1 hour before the date-

Today is a date with Mary to go to see cherry blossoms.

The nearby shrine is a power spot of love fulfillment, It seems to be tied if you write the names of the two on the cherry blossom ema.

OK, taking place is complete! later…Before Mary comes, let’s ask God to achieve love.


Escape game-Amusement park

Escape Rooms 22nd stage!

Today is a date with Mary.

We came the amusement park for escape game event.

I have to show Mary that I can solve my mystery brilliantly!


Escape game-Girlfriend

Escape Rooms 21st stage!

“Day of White Day”.Hey Nancy! I brought a return for Valentine ‘s Day!

that! What? There is no door knob! !Is it also Nancy’s mischief?


Escape game-Chocolate shop

Escape Rooms 20th stage!

Soon it’s Valentine’s Day!Let’s deliver happiness to everyone in town with my chocolate this year too!

This secret recipe is for a while!that? There is no recipe! I ought to have cherished it carefully …

Everyone is looking forward to my chocolate.We can not make our customers sorrowful on important days!


Escape game-School festival

Escape Rooms 19th stage!

Today is my last high school festival!It’s the last day, I have to enjoy a full.

Ah! By the way, the album was still incomplete!Well, where did you put the camera?


Escape game-2019

Escape Rooms 18th stage!

January 1 is today! 2019 from today!

Inadvertently that was with me.

I forgot to send New Year’s cards to Grandpa.Every year even though it has already been to New Year’s card fun from me.

This state ‘s grandpa will cry!If you do not send early New Year’s card!


Escape game-Sweet house

Escape Rooms 17th stage!

… mmmm.that? Where am I? I’m sure you were preparing for Christmas …

That? It’s already night! If you don’t go home early, Santa will come to your house!


Escape game-Boyfriend

Escape Rooms 16th stage!

Butao and Butako have been going steadyfor a year. Butao has been strange recently.

Butako seeks Butao’s room while he goes out…

Puff-puff.Invasion succeed!

Butao is keeping something secret from me…!!!Woman’s intuition is frightening.


Escape game-Hasty Santa Claus

Escape Rooms 15th stage!

Alright, the Christmas is finally coming next month.I’m so prepped for that!

Let’s take a little rest then.Hmm, what the hell is this?

This must be a letter from children! I was about to oversee it.I cannot take a rest now, let’s prep for the gifts for them asap!


Escape game-Circus

Escape Rooms 14th stage!

I’m Pig Man, a hero keeps the peace.

I’m here today as I heard about the rumor that there is the stolen golden elephant. I’ll get that back as a hero.


Escape game-Autumn foliage

Escape Rooms 13rd stage!

I’m going to view the moon with my grandpa tonight!

I’ve got his favorite maple-shape buns from Nakayubi buns store because I wanted to see his delighted smile!

Rustle, rustle.

Oh my god, they went somewhere!I thought I put them here…I should find them before he gets back.

I hope I can let him have the buns…


Escape game-Cabaret

Escape Rooms 12nd stage!

This is a cabaret, a watering hole.I am still a new waiter here, but I’ll be the best one!Let’s get to work.

Wait, that old gentleman with the glasses looks familiar with me.

I guess I saw him on TV, he should be a celebrity!Let’s give him my business card so he can remember me!

Wait, where are my business cards?


Escape game-Ghost House

Escape Rooms 11st stage!

I’m Pig Man.I keep peace in this city.

I heard cry of child from this house,and I feel this place is so weird.

I am scared, but for children!Let’s investigate!


Escape game-Candy Rooms

Escape Rooms 10th stage!My name is Boo Boo the phantom thief.

I am the best thief in the world.I’m here today to steal a treasure, a delicious cake.

I won’t sit back for that, of course I’ll definitely get everything!

If I give the treasure to Buhiko, she must fall in love with me madly!I cannot stop laughing, hehehehe


Escape game-Cherry Blossoms

Escape Rooms 9th stage!Here I come to my grandma’s place to do a hanami with my family!

The cherry blossoms around here are such a beautiful!

And of course we cannot miss my grandma’s sakura mochi for the hanami.

She is humorous though, she cannot remember where she put the sakura mochi..

Everyone has gone but I need that sakura mochi!!I’ll find them as soon as I can and go view the cherry blossoms with everyone!


Escape game-Baby Room

Escape Rooms 8th stage!I am new father raising three daughter

piglets.Oops, what is this…This blinking lamp means…my daughters are

crying!!!Okay! This is no time for whining!

I’m going to have to stop the crying of my daughters before Mother Pig is back!


Escape game-Cat Cafe

Escape Rooms 7th stage!I can finally open my escape Cat Cafe!

Well, I’m going to home for tomorrow.Bam!Clunk!Ouch!Huh?How do I Escape from here?I forgot it!


Escape game-Onsen

Escape Rooms 6th stage!My name is Takeshi Shinagawa.

I seem to have been trapped in the room in the gap I was taking a nap.

There is no doubt as a mischief of Yuri.She’s so cute.I will escape and hold her!


Escape game-Guest House

Escape Rooms 5th stage!Sigh…The trip is over at tomorrow. The sightseeing was so fun, and John of the guest house

host was also an interesting person.Last day, I will definitely enjoy!!Huh?The door will not open!



Escape game-Tokyo

Escape Rooms 4th stage!My name is Boo Boo the phantom thief.I am the best thief in the world.I caught information that there is a

legendary treasure, “Apple of gold” in this room.I managed to get inside the room, but where is the treasure?



Escape game-Child room

Escape Rooms 3rd stage!Mom, Takeshi says “Do not come to baseball any more! Ah, then you have to look back at the ball game tournament

next week!Maybe I can not win.Practice hard!Never say die! I will not let you out of the room until you become skilful today! !


Escape game-Halloween

Escape Rooms 2nd stage!Happy Halloween, Lily. In here you just can not get sweets.

You have to solve a riddle.Now, it’s the beginning of a happy Halloween!


Escape game-Temple


Escape Rooms 1st stage!… It ‘s been a while since I came to this temple.Where is Grandpa?Hey, I came!

Huh?The door will not open! !This is a grandpa’s proverb!I will escape absolutely!


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